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Via Cavour 85

Via Cavour 85, founded in 2013 by American artist, art dealer, and art collector Danielle Villicana, is an alternative exhibition space dedicated to promoting art and culture in the historical center of Arezzo, Tuscany. Successively, in 2021 Danielle opened another space Via Cavour 113 to serve as another alternative exhibition space and her studio. That space has now officially become VI DA Studios Arezzo as of January 2024.

Both spaces exhibit Danielle's artwork and that of excellent local and internationally acclaimed contemporary artists. Exhibitions range from figurative to abstract fine art, painting, sculpture, and photography.  Our spaces are open to all forms of contemporary art.

























Via Cavour 85 is available for exhibitions and cultural events. Please inquire if you are interested in exhibiting or holding an event, you may refer to our submission policy. Numerous services are offered for the organization of an exhibit, including the creation of graphics and invitations, catalogs and artist monographs, press releases, and the preparation of critical texts by leading art historians and art critics.


Our catalogs are available around the globe and may be visualized and purchased online via the Blurb and Amazon platforms. Our events are publicized via newspaper, television, and social media by leading journalists and art promoters, having attracted the attention of the local media for their excellence.


Strategically located, Via Cavour 85 is in close walking proximity to the Basilica of San Francesco and Piero della Francesca's magnificent The Legend of the True Cross fresco cycle, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art, the Casa Vasari Museum and the Ivan Bruschi Foundation only to mention a few.


Please get in touch with the gallery for more information if you may be interested in having an exhibit and participating in our program and group of lively and talented artists. We look forward to your visit.  


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